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Facebook Ads Training

The greatest problem with Facebook Marketing is that the average business doesn't find it customer or time-friendly. It requires a deep understanding of how to manage so that you actually get results within a time frame that you can manage. Knowledge of analytics, testing, what to post, how to retarget, and more importantly knowledge of the almost daily changes that Facebook throws into the mix.

This course demystifies Facebook Advertising making it easy for SMEs to learn when to use it, why they are using it, and how they can deliver and get results

Course Agenda


Step-by-step instructions on how to build your fan base, generate leads, and make more sales with paid Facebook Ads
Grow fans, engagement, and customers using Facebook
Get a Meaningful understanding of What Facebook is and Understand the Purpose of your Facebook page

Master the art of Facebook Advertising and create Facebook ad campaigns
Get a detailed walkthrough of the Facebook Ads Manager Understand Facebook Pixels and Re-targeting

How to follow your competitors "secretly"
You will improve your brand identity and grow your brand's audience


PART 1/DAY 1 - 7pm-9pm

It's all about Pages

  • How Facebook Works
  • How to make your brand stand out from your competitors
  • Best practice for Profile & Cover pictures How to set up Facebook Tabs
  • Facebook Insights
  • Research & Following your competitors

PART 2/DAY 2 - 7pm-9pm

It's all about the Business Manager & Pixel

Begin using the Facebook Business Manager
How to set up the Facebook Pixel
How to research your target audience using Facebook Audience Insights
Facebook ads basics
How to create lookalike audiences with Facebook ads How to run retargeting ads to specific audiences with Facebook ads
Create a Facebook ads strategy that works

PART 3/DAY 3 - 7pm-9pm

It's all about Reading the Data

How to extract demographic and behavioral data about your market, fans, website visitors, email subscribers, and customers
Gain valuable insights about any audience on Facebook (e.g. age & gender, location, education, household income, interests, spending methods, etc...)

How to run more efficient Facebook campaigns
How to analyze key demographic data and take your marketing to the next level


Have a personal profile/account on Facebook.
A Facebook Business Page.
Bonus, if you already have a Business Manager set up, if not, I will be walking you through the setup process.